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Permanent By Paige

The desire to feel beautiful never fades.
Life brings change, and as we age so does our faces. As we work to hold onto our youthful beauty, many times we seek out costly and busy avenues. Aging gracefully doesn’t have to be a chore.

Turn back the pages of time with a natural approach to classic beauty

Meet Paige

I received my certification in permanent cosmetics in Arlington, Texas where I am certified in advanced intradermal permanent cosmetics. After 13 years in this business, I’ve learned the simplest change can make the biggest difference.

With my years of experience in this industry, I have furthered my knowledge in enhancing one’s beauty. The aging of our faces and bodies is inevitable, but with new technologies, there are new and improved ways to make us look youthful again. There are a few procedures I am now offering that reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles in a non-invasive manner. These procedures include Vivace Microneedling, PRX-T33, as well as Fibroblast. Explore my website to learn more about what these procedures have to offer.

I have a passion for making women and men feel like their most confident selves!

Kind Words
Save time and look refreshed!
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